My Guarantee


Here’s my, Andrew Caldwell’s, guarantee to you.


If you don’t like your purchase of Barca at for any reason, please send it back for a full refund of the purchase price. But there are a couple of caveats. I ask that you return it in thirty (30) days. That should be enough time to determine how much you enjoyed it. And if the shipping to you was free, then I’ll need to take out the cost of shipping from the refund. It’s free shipping with purchase. I’m trying to be clear and up front about this.


Barca is sold as a game that is fun to play, not to teach you a lesson of caveat emptor (Latin for “let the buyer beware”). I don’t think it’s nice to do to a fellow being, someone else can teach you that. I personally think we should all be trying to help each other, not just ourselves. I’m also not looking for a lesson in caveat venditor (Latin for “let the seller beware”), hence paying for the shipping charge on returns. I think that’s fair, I hope you do to.


If for some reason you do send it back, it would be nice to include a note with it. I’m always looking to improve the products. It helps me and benefits others. Thank you.