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What do you get with your purchase of Barca for only $39.95? You’ll receive…
A huge twenty by twenty (20 x 20) inch easy to roll mousepad Barca game board. Mousepad playing boards cost more, but they are more durable and don’t curl up like vinyl boards do. The board is definitely huge being over two and half square feet!
One dozen (12) big animal game pieces. You get four (4) mice, four (4) lions and four (4) elephants. The mice are is two (2) inches tall, the lions are two and half (2 & 1/2) inches tall, and the elephants are three (3) inches tall! Those are big playing pieces! And they need to be for that huge game board!
Barca game instructions that are easy to understand with a sample Barca game printed on the back. While you can spend hours admiring the huge Barca game board and the twelve big animal game pieces, you’ll have even more fun when you know how to play!
A handsome zippered portable carrying case with strap. The blue fabric case is about four by four by twenty two (4 x 4 x 22) inches that will hold everything above. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to can transport such a large game.
The satisfaction you purchased a great product that will offer hours and hours of fun for you, family and friends. You will also be helping the economy by circulating money, because it needs to circulate out of my hands.
And my, Drew’s, gratitude. Thank you.
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