Q: Is this chess?
A: This is not chess, it’s Barca! Barca is so much easier to learn and play. And it’s fun! Chess is fun too, but not as much fun as Barca!
Q: How did this exciting game get the name Barca?
A: Barca is named after Hannibal Barca, one of the greatest military commanders and tacticians in history. He employed elephants in his campaign against Rome and her allies. Barca invokes thoughts of strategy and elephants, and Barca is fun to say!
Q: How do I play this simple, yet deep, game of Barca?
A: You can learn to play by reading the instructions included with your purchase of Barca or you can learn how to play Barca here.
Q: What do I get with Barca – Super Travel Edition?
A: One dozen large animal game pieces, up to three inches tall! A twenty by twenty inch mousepad gameboard, that’s over two and a half square feet! A handsome traveling case with Barca game instructions! And the satisfaction that you made a great purchase!
Q: I desire Barca, where can I purchase one or more?
A: You can purchase Barca at these fine game stores. And now that we are living in the future, you can also purchase Barca on the World-Wide Web.
Q: Does this fascinating game Barca come with a guarantee?
A: Yes. This is Andrew Caldwell’s guarantee to you.
Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: What you want it to be.


Q: Is this checkers?
A: This is not checkers, it’s Barca! Barca is played with animals and watering holes. And it’s fun! Checkers is fun too, but not as much fun as Barca!
Q: When playing chess, the light player always moves first. Why doesn’t the light player always move first in Barca?
A: Because this is not chess, it’s Barca! You play rock, paper, scissors to determine who moves first in Barca.
Q: Can I move an unafraid animal onto a watering hole to win, even though a different animal of mine is afraid?
A: No, you must always move the afraid animal away first if you can.
Q: Can I move an animal on to a watering hole to win, although it would be next an animal that mine is afraid of?
A: No, you may never move an unafraid animal next to one it is afraid of.
Q: What if I moved my animal like that anyway?
A: Then that wouldn’t be following the rules. It’s usually called cheating.
Q: Can Barca be used for something else?
A: Yes. Use the mousepad game board as a giant twenty by twenty inch mousepad for your computer. The handsome carrying case transports four standard twelve ounce soda cans. And the game pieces can be proudly displayed as twelve politically correct trophies.
Q: Who created the game Barca?
A: That would be me, Andrew Caldwell.