How to Play


He’s ready to play Barca, are you?

Barca takes about a minute to learn. And if you know how to play rock, paper, scissors then you’ll learn even faster! Barca is so much easier to learn than chess. But don’t be fooled, like chess, it’s deep in game play.

Here is a video demonstration at the 2010 GAMA Trade Show. Notice that the rules are explained in less than a minute. note: Barca does not ship in the box displayed in that video.

Play Barca Now!

BARCA – The Watering Hole Game
For 2 players. Ages 8 to adult.
Get any 3 of your animals on the watering holes at the same time.
Set the game board between both players. Place the elephants in the center of each player’s back row. Place the mice in front of the elephants. And place the lions to the sides of the mice.
The winner of Rock Paper Scissors (Roshambo) starts the game. Players take turns moving one of their animals.
Mice move horizontally or vertically. Lions only move diagonally. Elephants move horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Animals can move any number of vacant squares in a single direction. Animals cannot jump over other animals.
A players’ animals can be adjacent to each other. However, for opposing sides, mice fear lions. Lions fear elephants. And elephants fear mice.
An animal cannot be moved next to the animal it fears, except for trapped animals.
An animal is scared when it is next to the animal it fears.
A scared animal must escape to a safe location before other animals can be moved. When many are scared, choose one to move.
A scared animal with no escape is trapped and may optionally move to another scared position.
Watering holes are near the center of the game board. The player who has animals on 3 watering holes at the same time wins!
A player can still win if animals are scared or trapped. Animals are never removed.
Have Fun!
That’s Barca!


Play Barca Now!