Play Barca

In this version the bottom player always starts first. You can change side colors by clicking on the yinyang button. Click on the character outline located at the top and bottom of the board to select between human and computer players.
Use the mouse to select your piece and it’s valid positions will be displayed. Then select the square for the piece to move to. After that it’s the other player’s turn.
During the game you can press the Spacebar to toggle between the different playing pieces.
Don’t be afraid to play, these animals don’t bite.
Improvements are still being made and there may be a bug or two. You might also have a suggestion. So if you have something to say about it then please contact Drew.

This online Barca game was programmed for you by courtesy of John Alvarado. The Barca artificial intelligence was taken from Barca Revolution programmed by Bryan Perfetto. And a big thanks to Sparkworkz! I can’t express my gratitude enough to these guys, they’re awesome!