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Beginning where I may…
This is difficult, where does one begin? With birth? Even though I was there, I don’t remember it, probably a little too young. My memory starts shortly after that, but that’s for another time…
I’ll begin by saying this whole web logging (weB LOGging) is new to me. The idea that I write about myself is strange because I don’t think I’m important, I think I’m like everyone else. But I know that is wrong. Like everyone else, I am important. Without you, without me, what everyone does means little. It may mean something to them, but without other’s acknowledgment it means little if anything.
I truly believe that all the good and bad we do to each other is all that really matters.
And that’s where I’ll begin.
In the short time getting this website up I’ve had people help me. Not only people I’ve known, but strangers. Not that they are strange, far from it, just people who are like me that I’m just getting to know. I feel lucky or blessed or whatever words one might use for these feelings. It is a good feeling. I hope everyone has this feeling sometime in their life.
And when you do, the most important thing is to remember that feeling for two reasons. The first is that you may forget that you are important. You are here, you exist, that fact alone makes you important. The second is that you have an effect on others. Your words and actions carry weight to those around you whether you know them or not. Try to be good. It makes it better for everyone.
That wasn’t much of a pitch for my game Barca. But the reason you can play Barca online is because of my brother-in-law, John Alvarado. He’s a golden (good old) friend of mine and a fan of Barca. And if you are lucky enough, he is one of the best people you could ever befriend.
If you like playing Barca online then you might think of purchasing a real game of Barca. And there’s my sales pitch for now…
Blue Skies

Posted in Drew's Hues on December 20th, 2011

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